“The Houston Fire Department is a professional organization continually seeking opportunities to serve our community through fire prevention, emergency operations, patient care and excellent customer service.”

Today, more than 3,000 firefighters are employed by HFD, including 300 Paramedics, 1700 Emergency Medical Technicians and 362 civilian personnel.

Fire Department assets include:

  • 87 fire stations
  • 82 engine companies
  • 34 aerial ladder truck companies
  • 10 aircraft fire crash rescue units
  • 62 ambulances
  • 3 haz-mat response units
  • 1 foam pumper
  • 2 rescue trucks
  • 10 evacuation boats
  • 5 rescue boats

HFD Career Opportunities

Interested in a career as a firefighter? Call the HFD recruiting
office at (832)394-6700 and get the details.

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