Apartment Security

Apartment Security

Here are some things to think about before you decide on the ideal apartment.

No matter what type of security effort a landlord makes, the apartment “communal” environment dictates that all residents share in the responsibility for effective security and safety.  For this to work, you must “know your neighbors”.

Many Houston apartment properties feature expensive electronic access control (“card access”) at gated parking and pedestrian entrances.  Be sure to look for this leasing amenity…

Tailgating is the most common form of unauthorized entry into apartment property grounds.  When entering and exiting at controlled portals, be aware of unfamiliar or suspicious-looking persons.  Report any suspicious activity to the property security office immediately.

When in doubt, and in the absence of onsite security officers, dial 911.

Some apartment properties feature electronic digital keypads to provide controlled entry at gated parking and gated pedestrian entrances.  You already know how these security controls work.

While these devices are very convenient, they make it possible for unauthorized persons to gain entrance to the property grounds.

How?  The digital keypad “code” is in our heads.  It can get passed around to undesirable persons without any record.  If you’re interested in an apartment property that features digital keypads at gated entrances, ask the leasing agent or property manager how frequently the digital code is changed.

The neighborhood surrounding an apartment property should be a primary factor of consideration for the apartment hunter.  The old adage, “look before you leap” definitely applies to apartment hunting.

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