Choosing The Right Roommate

Finding A Roomate

This week we are going to cover an important topic that cannot be emphasized enough.  Choosing the right roommate.  A good way to defray the cost of a really nice apartment or rental home with all the amenities is to share the cost.  If you can cut the rent and bills in half while remaining within the 30% budget recommendation we spoke about, what a tremendous blessing that can be.  You can afford to get ahead of bills, buy nice things and perhaps save for the future.  Always remember, your home is your sanctuary.  Whether it be your job or other places you have to be, you can’t always control what goes on in that environment.  If you want to live a good life, you have to control the peace in your own home.  Choosing a roommate that you are compatible with is important.

Your BFF isn’t always your best choice

Some might say, “you want to continue to be friends…right?”  Consider the person who is about to graduate high school and can’t wait to leave the nest.  They want to gain that freedom and forget about the responsibility part.  Your best friend, the one you swore would be your roommate one day may be a mistake waiting to happen.  Great person for a friend or to hang out with on the weekends, terrible person to room with and you only found that out after the 10th time you picked up a mountain of dirty clothes or washed a sink full of dirty dishes that sat for a week.  Frustrating to even think about isn’t it. 

Suddenly, you aren’t at peace, and you may even get to the place where you don’t want to be at home.  What a terrible feeling and a good way to lose a friend.  Ask yourself this. ”What do I really know about my BFF anyway?  Are they a clean person?  Are they responsible with money enough to be on time with rent and bills?”  It’s something you should discuss before signing on the dotted line. They say be choosy when picking a husband or wife. After all, you will be living with that person for the rest of your life.  You should use the same criteria in your roommate search.

Roommate checklist

We at Pathfinder Move want you to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.  So we have compiled a checklist of things to consider:

1. Lifestyle of roommate 

2. Budge-make sure you both can afford the rent and bills (divide the electric, rent, water, and any other fees the apartments tack on)  

3. Past credit and rental history

4. Criminal history (felonies, or misdemeanors)

5. What does your work schedule look like?

6. Any illnesses or health issues you need to be aware of?

7. How long do they plan to stay?
8. Do you do drugs, drink, or  listen to loud music that would disturb my sleeping schedule? 

9. Do you like to throw parties? 

10. Cleanliness

11. Diet-healthy or junk food eater? 

12. What degrees do you normally like to keep the a/c on at night or during the day? 

13. Do you plan to hire movers on move-in date? 

14. Do you have or plan to get any pets-( if so, what kind)

15. In your opinion what is the best way to handle disagreements that may come up?

For a more in-depth explanation of these questions, visit:

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